bolded thread titles for new content

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bolded thread titles for new content


I think that this might be a system setting (or, more precisely, I can't find out how I can control it).

After I login, when I go into the discussion group "SAS procedures" I see all the treads with new content since my last visit highlighted; just the way I like it.  However, most other discussion groups, including this one, require that I do additional steps to see the new content.

Here, I enter the group.  No thread titles are hilighted.

I select a title and open it.  Now the "discussion" breadcrumb appears at the top.

I click the "discussions" breadcrumb and the threads with unread content are highlighted.

[If I click the forum title, the treads are not highted; I must click the discussions breadcrumb.]

Is there a setting I need to change or is this one for your tech support folk to address?


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bolded thread titles for new content

I know this took me a long time to respond and I apologize for that.  I don't really know the reason for what I am about to tell you, but I am still digging into it.  Part of the issue that discussions are always highlighted based on what you have read and what you haven't.  In most of the spaces (forums), I build the pages to display only discussions.  Therefore, you are seeing the same content that you see once you select a thread or you enter the discussion area by selecting the Discussions Tab.

For the getting started space, I include not just discussions but all documents.  The thought being that we will have other documents in this space that discuss best practices and the like.  The only additional content type to appear in the getting started space so far has been polls.

Given our current usage, I'm not sure of the best way to tackle this problem. Until then, one thing that you can do is set the disucssion tab as the default display tab when you enter a space.

To go this,

  1. Log in
  2. Go to the space and select the Discussions tab.
  3. Select Set as default tab from the end of the line of tabs.

Let me know if this works better for you.

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