adding observations to a variable

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adding observations to a variable

Hi all-

I have the following dataset:

patient ID            quarter    CHF (and so on...there are ~23 more column variables then- all binary 0/1, with 1=yes the person has the condition)

3                            14          0

3                            16          0

3                            20          1

3                            23           0

...and so on

I want each patient to show 36 quarters (so 1-36) regardless of if they have the condition or not. Right now, the quarters that are showing up are only the ones that people have a "yes" for the condition in.

Does anytone know how I would add in the quarters that are missing. It is different w/ each patient.


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Re: adding observations to a variable

Something like:

data temp;

     set have;

     by PatientId notsorted; /* if data is sorted by PatientId don't need the notsorted but assumes all the records for PatientId are together*/
     if first.PatientId then do quarter = 1 to 36;




proc sql;

       create table want as

     select a.*, b.*

     from temp as a left join have as b on

          a.PatientId = b.PatientId;


You'll get a warning about PatientId and quarter being in both tables but b.* is shorter than listing all the variables in Have except PatientId and quarter.

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