a question from a total SAS neophyte

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a question from a total SAS neophyte


I am trying to learn basic stats and I was given a file (called lbw) from a statsclass. Other folks use normal SAS software but I am on the SAS UNiversity edition so I am clueness on the codes needed to access and do analyes using this file,

The lbw file is sitting in my SASUniversityEdition's subfolder "myfolder" in my c: drrive, but I don't know what is the next step. Anyone could help me to get started. Having the exact codes will be much apprecaited.

Total novice to SAS,


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Re: a question from a total SAS neophyte

You don't say what kinds of file - the code depends on the file type, but SAS UE also supports point and click tasks, you should explore those.  


Look under Learning Community - SAS UE for questions specific to SAS UE


There are video's on here that describe how to use SAS UE (try the learning library) or a series of posts by @DarthPathos that have an introduction to using SAS UE. 


Good Luck, with SAS and your assignment.

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Re: a question from a total SAS neophyte

This is how I referenced MYFOLDER in SAS UE.   I created a sub folder RAWFILES but that is not necessary.


Substitute your file name for PRE44.TXT.



infile '/folders/myfolders/rawfiles/pre44.txt';

input ....'



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Re: a question from a total SAS neophyte

I realise it's tricky (thanks @Reeza for the shoutout! :-)) but the documentation provided with the download does go through the steps needed to set everything up; it took me 3 or 4 hours of fighting with the software before I gave up and read the documentation, and I had my problem fixed in 10 minutes.


Check the video tutorials, my blogs, and you should have enough to get up and running.


Good luck!!


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