Windows Batch Job Log File Routing?

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Windows Batch Job Log File Routing?

I'm using the following string to execute a batch job in windows: "c:\program files\sashome\sasfoundation\9.3\sas.exe" f:\businessresults\qsrptsys\programs\sas_pgms\ -xwait off

I would also like to route the log file to a specific location, e.g. c:\SASBatchLogs\ but I don't know how to make that happen.  Could someone please provide the "string" that I need to add to the above to make the routing happen?

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Re: Windows Batch Job Log File Routing?

I don't run batch jobs in windows, but if you just start SAS from the directory you want the logs to appear it should do it.  So how about making the job two statements where he first is cd command.

Otherwise look at the -log and -print command line options for SAS to direct it where to write the LOG and LST files.

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