Why does SAS close unexpectedly?

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Why does SAS close unexpectedly?


I'm using SAS Version 9.4 TS 1M1.  Sometimes shortly after I open it, when I run a proc it just closes with no explanation.  Via some trial and error it seems to do this when I run the proc on a permanent SAS dataset.  So if I run


proc sort data=lib.abc;   by ID;   run;


then SAS will close but if I run


data abc;   set lib.abc;   run;

proc sort data=abc;   by ID;   run;


then it works fine.


Of course one way around it is to just make temporary datasets at the start and then work with those, which is what I'm doing, but it still would be nice to know what's happening.

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Re: Why does SAS close unexpectedly?

Check the setting of the option ERRORABEND.


If you have ERRORABEND set and try to sort a permanent dataset that you do not have write access to update, then the reuslting error will cause SAS to end (http://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/abend.asp).

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