Want to use version control in DI

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Want to use version control in DI

Hi all,

we want developers to start using version control in DI. Besides the documentation you can recommend, I'd like to have some comments on developers who have been using it about the following:

1. what do you think about using version control with SAS? Do you use it for all or for particular objects in DI?

2. how do you organise SVN structure? One single repository for all the platform, one folder per project?

3. how do you implement security over the objects if you need that two or more developers should be able to work on the same object at the same time?

4. do you know if it's possible to use GIT instead?

Thanks a lot

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Re: Want to use version control in DI

1. I think that version control is something inherited from other type of system development. From my projects, I can't really see any specific moments where this could be of actual use. What is the use case? A simple archive with metadata for tractability would usually work.

3. Do you mean in the source control tool? Probably the same as in metadata. Check-in/check-out is available within the product, can be complicated if there are some parallel check-in/check-out of the same objects in a separate environment?

4. You can probably use any tool you like, but there are only a few that offers some kind of direct integration with DIS.

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