Value Lookup

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Value Lookup

I need to look up 600 observations in a table which contains more than 7cr observations. By using merge and left join, the program excutes in more than 8 hours. Please help.

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Re: Value Lookup

Please post the code, using either the "little running man" or {i} buttons.

Also post the output of proc contents for your dataset

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Re: Value Lookup

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How long are the common keys to make the lookup ?

How many variables are in the 600 lookup datasets? and how long are they?

Have you considered using a format to check matching, subseting matched observations and

do the merge on this subset only ?




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Re: Value Lookup

You have provided nothing which would help us answer your question - look at the guidance above the post button - post test data in the form of a datastep, show the code you have been trying (formatted and using the {i} code window), any logs which might be throwing any errors/warnings etc.  Is the data all in SAS or is there a database invovled?  

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