Using prxmatch with multiple terms

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Using prxmatch with multiple terms

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I need to do a word search on a text field.  While I know how to search for multiple words using the Prxmatch function, I am not sure how I can search words such as "fire suppression", "Young men", and etc, i.e., a simple phrase that has two words or more.  If I were to split the phrase into two separate words, like "fire" and "suppression", then I will get many wrong matches due to the word "fire".  The same is true for the words "Young" or "men".  Is there a way to combine these words and use it in the Prxmatch function?



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Re: Using Prematch

A nice example can be found at:


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Re: Using prxmatch with multiple terms


With RegEx you're not really searching for words but for strings/text patterns. A blank between two words is nothing else than another character so simply search for such strings, i.e. '/fire suppression|young men/i'

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