Uploading and writing to google docs

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Uploading and writing to google docs

I am trying to find out if there is a way to upload data from a google doc (csv) into a sas data set.  This would allow the document to be edited by multiple users at the same time.  We currently have issues with our current text or csv files only allowing one user access at a time. 

We currently have a sas program that outputs an exception file for items that are missing vital data to the program.  We output an exception file (csv) to a shared folder. We then edit the csv file with the missing data.   When we re-run the program, it picks up the csv file and adds the missing data to the program.  The exception report is re-generated for any items that were not previously fixed or any new items that have been picked up and that are missing the necessary data.  The new exception file overwrites the previous file in the shared folder.

I would like the ability to have the exception report in a google doc that would allow multiple users to edit the document concurrently.  I would like the SAS program to pick up the edited data from a google doc to create a data set.  Once the program using this data set runs, I would like to output a new exceptions file to the google doc location so we can start the process over again.

Does SAS have this capability?

Thanks for your help.

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