Updated exportxl macro now available

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Updated exportxl macro now available

While I've marked this as a question, that was only to allow it to be seen.

The exportxl macro, written by Tom Abernathy, Matt Kastin (FriedEgg) and myself, has been updated to enable it to run on server based versions of SAS. I've mentioned this in a recent discussion but, in the event that you weren't following that thread, wanted to make sure that you knew about the changes we've made to the macro.

The macro lets one export SAS datasets to Excel without having to license SAS/Access for PC File Formats, not run into those annoying 32/64 bit incompatibilities, and lets one create new workbooks, create new worksheets, modify existing worksheets, take advantage of Excel templates, write to non-pre-defined ranges, export variable names or labels or neither, and export formatted or unformatted values.

Previously, the macro wouldn't work in server environments, but now it can with the new code that is available at: http://www.sascommunity.org/wiki/A_Poor/Rich_SAS_Users_Proc_Export

In addition to all of the above, the macro is faster than all other methods for exporting to Excel if you're running on a stand-alone version of SAS in a Window's environment.


p.s. This is not a product we are trying to sell but, rather, free use-at-your-own-risk code

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Re: Updated exportxl macro now available

Thanks, Art,  for the headsup!

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