Unlock the SAS DI job

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Unlock the SAS DI job

Hi All,

Currently we are using SAS 9.2 and SAS DI 4.21 version and we have installed multiple SAS DI clients in many PC's to develop SAS DI jobs.

We are having a single user to login to the SAS DI and will develop ETL jobs. In one machine, we have developed  and saved the job, but we didnt close the session(job) and I have tried to open the job in the another machine and edited the job, then I have saved the job.But the changes made is not getting reflected in the job.

I assume, the same session(job) has been opened in the  another PC so the changes is not getting reflected.Whether my assumption is correct?

And I need to know , is there any option to unlock the job from SAS Server so that I can use the same job in multiple PC's.

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Re: Unlock the SAS DI job

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You are breaking a lot of best practices here.

Each user should have a unique user id.

Each developer should have their own project repository.

A metadata admin can undo checkout to a project.

And of course the obvious. Don't leave your jobs open at the end of the day.

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