Unable to enable link in Portal

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Unable to enable link in Portal

Hi SAS Expert,

I'm having problem in Portal where the system was unable to prompt out the link on the scorecard and table view. I'd set the StM portlet to enable to display the link on the Project name.

You may refer to attach doc for details. I'd followed most of the guide in StM5.3 but yet still failed. I also even had tried to restart the services and reboot the server.

Can someone share some lights on how to resolve this issue?

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Re: Unable to enable link in Portal

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I was able to open up the link by editing the roles tab for sasdemo2.

Without the roles of metadata server unrestricted and stm information consumer, the link is enabled now.

But when a user with Portal Admin roles, he/she can't open the link. Anybody here can share some lights?

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