Two Issues with Forums

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Two Issues with Forums

1) I'm still not getting email notifications :smileyangry:

2) 'Friending' someone seems to be an automatic way to see their name and any info they've allowed friends to see. Basically, people can friend me, without my approval, which seems strange to me.

    I'm not necessarily against it, but it would have nice to have known this in advance. 

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Two Issues with Forums

The problem that you are seeing with 2) amy be related to 1).  I get a notice when it happens.

You can see the public information just by clicking on a name.  I think that the friending just e-mails a person's posts to the friend.  Once can do that by e-mailing all posts and then applying a filter, so there isn't much value to an approval process.  (I know you can't do the e-mail yet).


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