Tukey Confidence Interval Proc GLM

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Tukey Confidence Interval Proc GLM

Hi Everyone,

So I am attempting to find the Tukey confidence interval using PROC GLM for a dataset that contains three variables. The data comes from a textbook and it gives the number of eggs laid for each of three types of fruit fly. There is a CONTROL group, a RESISTANT group, and a SUSCEPTIBLE group. So I have my data that I've entered into SAS but I am not sure how to use the PROC GLM feature. I don't believe there is a relationship between the data?? Which is the "independent" vs "dependent" variable to use for the MODEL statement?

I believe the line of importance is:

Means Control Resistant Susceptible/ cldiff TUKEY;

But this gives errors based off of the MODEL statement.

Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks

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