Transfer files between servers using Connect:Direct (NDM)

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Transfer files between servers using Connect:Direct (NDM)


I currently pass data between two servers via ConnectSmiley Very Happyirect but would like to do this as part of the SAS job i currently have batched. The two servers are only allowed to hand off/receive files via CD.

Can anyone tell me how to generate a shell in ConnectSmiley Very Happyirect at the end of my SAS job which will pass a text file from one server to another?

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Re: Transfer files between servers using Connect:Direct (NDM)

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You need to have the privilege of using the X statement (and call system and some other elements) in your SAS session. So your SAS batch job needs to run without the noxcmd system option (which is usually the case, so you most probably won't be bothered by this).

The next thing you need to know is how to run CD from the commandline, so you can write a shell script to call it correctly. You may need to consult the proper manual pages or a CD-related forum for this.

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