ToDoList email reminders in SAS ECM 2.3

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ToDoList email reminders in SAS ECM 2.3



We are running SAS Enterprise Case Management 2.3, and we implemented a ToDoList component with email reminders.  But for more than a year we are not receiving any email reminders from ECM.  We had several exchanges with SAS Support, where we were asked to provide many log files, but nobody seems to be able to pinpoint the source of the issue.


Anybody has any experience with this problem?  Please help Smiley Happy


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Re: ToDoList email reminders in SAS ECM 2.3

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Your ECM version is a bit outdated. Email reminders worked for us with a more recent version.


Did it ever work for you? And if it did: What has changed?


Given that the ToDo list and email reminders work on a product level, I can understand that SAS TS is asking for all the logs as this is the only way how one can work out what and where in your environment things go wrong.


Are all the port open? Can ECM/the workflow service actually establish communication with the email server? ....


Just one thought:

Given that you might be sending quite a few very similar emails there could be a rule triggering on the email server side which classifies your emails as spam. So besides of investigating your logs, I'd also ask the guys on the email server side if they see in their logs if there had been a request from ECM and if yes what happened to this request.


As you've got already TS support and it appears there is no simple solution, I'd strongly assume that the only thing you can get here is someone confirming that things work on their site as expected also with your ECM2.3 version.

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