Time series- How to get slope and % change in Y-axis

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Time series- How to get slope and % change in Y-axis

Hi all,

I have a time series data with rate of blood cultures per 1000 pts for 34 months (before and after intervention, indicated by Variable "Intervention" - 0=before intervention, 1= after intervention). Month variable is recorded from Jan 2015 through Oct 2017. I want to see if intervention made a difference in rate of blood cultures (i.e. decrease in the blood culture rate). How do I test this to show a significant difference (with p-value)? Also please explain me how to get the % change in Y-axis for the blood culture rates and slope.


 I have no clue how to test this in SAS. Any help with is much appreciated. I am attaching the data (excel sheet) below with the variables.

 Data Variables:

1. Cult_Per_1000pts

2. Month (jan2015 to Oct 2017)

3. Intervention (0/ 1 - 0 for months before intervention, 1 for months after intervention)

4. Time (1- 34, indication months in order from beginning (jan2015) to end (oct2017)



Thank you very much in advance!

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