The spam we had this morning is being handled

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The spam we had this morning is being handled

We had a rash of spam last night (or morning for some of you). This happens to all online communities from time to time. We have a technique to block this spam that is being handled as we speak.

A big THANK YOU to our vigilant community members who watch out for the community and report spam as "abuse" using the link on the right hand side of all messages (see screen shot below).

Just so that you know, it is safe to log-in to the community and to post. The security of the community itself has not been compromised. I apologize for the inconvenience this spam may have caused.


The above action puts messages into the community admin moderation queue and we can take it from there.

Have a great Friday! Thank you for being part of Communities on SAS.

@LainieH logged in as Community Admin

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