Teaching resource kit

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Teaching resource kit

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a package or course outline that could aide me teach a large group of coworkers basic SAS skills.  Any input would be appreciated.  I have a group of about 30 individuals from different backgrounds (some technical and some not at all, from Oracle DBA's and developers to data entry personel) who I need to give a crash course.  I guess I am just looking for a short cut that somebody is willing to share so I do not have to create lesson plans and slides, etc. myself Smiley Happy

Have a nice day!

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Teaching resource kit

If you're affiliated with a university there was this a few days ago:


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Teaching resource kit

Thanks Reeza, this is exactly the type of thing I am looking for.

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Teaching resource kit

You could also contact your local SAS office and ask if they can provide some support.

There are things like e-learning which might help as well as customised on-site training.

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Teaching resource kit


It seems that with an audience that diverse, you need to provide a superficial view and then give pointers on where to learn more for what they want to do.  If you try to teach everyone to program in SAS, by the time you are able to reach the data techs, the DBAs will have walked out on you.

The course materials that Reeza referenced are basically the in person books and the slide decks the SAS instructors use.  I've used them and they are quite good for what they target.  However, each course assumes a different background. 

If you want to get people productively looking at their own data quickly, Enterprise Guide is quite good.  Either of the BBUs would make nice, inexpensive, texts.

Doc Muhlbaier


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