Take code out of macro

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Take code out of macro

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Hi guys,

Please help take below code out of macro. 

I have to select certain disease cases from the data &file&year if found in the list &steps. Macros defined in the code below. I don't need double logics in macro as is now because I have a physical file prepped to replace &file&year now. I commented out the parts that I thought would not need. But it did not work out. I really have to get it out tonight. Crossing my fingers if anybody there for help. 


data icd(drop=diag rename=x=icd); set icd;
 format x $10.;

proc sql noprint;
   select  icd
     into :steps separated by '|'
     from  icd;

%put &steps;

options compress=yes;
%let x=:Code_1 - :Code_24;

libname red "C:\;
%macro loop(case); %global case1; %let case1=&case; %if &case=shape %then %let condition = &steps; proc datasets noprint; delete all_&type._other; run; /*%do year = 2014 %to 2017; */ /*%if &year >= 2016 %then */ /* %do; */ /* libname red "C:...";*/ /* %if &type=Int %then %let file=&type.;*/ /* %else;*/ /* %if &type=Out %then %let file=&type._direct;*/ /* %end; */ data momentary(compress=yes); set red.&file&year(where=(patient_county_code in (58,33,37))); icd_code = catx('*','*',Diag_Code, of Code:); if prxmatch("m/&condition/oi",icd_code) > 0; source="In"; run; proc append base=all_&type._other(compress=yes) data=momentary force; run; %end; %mend loop; /*%let type=Int;/* %loop(shape); /*%let type=Out;/


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Re: Take code out of macro

you could pull the code from macro i.e., you could get the resolved code into the sas file with the following code. You should run the code with a macro call as below and a sample.sas file will be created in the path you specified.

filename mprint '~path/sample.sas';
options mfile mprint;
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Re: Take code out of macro

"But it did not work out." is awful vague.

Are there errors in the log?: Post the code and log in a code box opened with the {i} to maintain formatting of error messages.

No output? Post any log in a code box.

Unexpected output? Provide input data in the form of a dataset, the actual results and the expected results. Data should be in the form of a data step. Instructions here: https://communities.sas.com/t5/SAS-Communities-Library/How-to-create-a-data-step-version-of-your-dat... will show how to turn an existing SAS data set into data step code that can be pasted into a forum code box using the {i} icon or attached as text to show exactly what you have and that we can test code against.


With macros run the code with Options Mprint Symbolgen Mlogic; before posting the log.

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Re: Take code out of macro

Studying basics of dynamic programming. Starting with this SUGI paper: http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings11/113-2011.pdf. Let me know if you suggest better resources for novice in macro like me. Thanks Ballardw.
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