Table in work library in UNIX

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Table in work library in UNIX

I ran a sql procedure in SAS using putty on unix. and created a table without defining a library. After the job was completed it said the table was created in work library,.

How can I view table created in the work library. Is there a way to do it? What would be the default location of SAS work lib in UNIX

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Re: Table in work library in UNIX

The table is gone.  The WORK library is automatically erased when your SAS job finishes.

If you had permanently saved the data, you would need to use SAS to view it.  It will not be stored as a text file, and will not be viewable using regular editors.  Typical unix commands such as head and tail will not provide a meaningful view.

You'll need to decide upon a folder to hold the data, add a LIBNAME statement to your program, and use that when you name the data set.

Good luck.

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