Sybase Options and Stored Procedures through SAS

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Sybase Options and Stored Procedures through SAS

Is there anyway to use Sybase options (Ex. set showplan on) or Sybase Stored Procedures through SAS?  Can you do this with a metadata defined libname to the database?  Is it possible using the pass-through facility for Sybase?  Can I get the results/log back in my SAS log, or in a SAS dataset, or to an external file?

I have looked at the "SASTRACE" option (SAS/ACCESS(R) 9.3 for Relational Databases: Reference, Second Edition) .  That gives information about the 'translated' query that gets passed to Sybase and has a lot of good time statistics.  I have also looked at the Sybase specific information (SAS/ACCESS Interface to Sybase), but that didn't seem to have anything.  I did notice the DBCONINIT libname option which may be part of what I am looking for, but I can not tell from the documentation (DBCONINIT= Libname Option).  The SQL Pass-Through EXECUTE statement (EXECUTE Statement) also looks promising, but I have not been able to get it to work the way I would like.

I am performing a lot of testing for our Sybase DBAs to confirm that the SAS interface is working the same as their ISQL sessions and would like to be able to hand them log/results that show items like the Sybase index that was used in the processing.  There may be an easier way to do this, but right now, I am having to infringe on the DBAs time for these tests, and they do not have much/any to spare.

Thanks for any help!!

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Re: Sybase Options and Stored Procedures through SAS

Hi again, You are doing a good job.

For Sybase you could do a explicit SQL pass through. As that is native Sybase SQL you should be able to do everything.

I think you are searching for "in database" products. SAS(R) 9.4 In-Database Products: User's Guide, Third Edition

But there Sybase is not mentioned.    

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Re: Sybase Options and Stored Procedures through SAS

Not related to sybase at all, but have you tried options msglevel=i to get more information?

SAS(R) 9.2 Language Reference: Dictionary, Fourth Edition

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