Survival analysis

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Survival analysis

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I know this forum is probably not the right place to post my question, but considering the impressive help I have obtained hare and the (unimpressive nonexisting) responce from other sites and some biostatistician, I decided to post my question here (appology to the admin, and i hope you allow this question to remain here).

Here is the problem

I am trying to study the effect of the timing of introducing a certain drug on the risk of developing a side effect (bleeding). The theory is that delaying drug indroduction will reduce the risk of side effect:

I have two groups:

1- Group 1: the reference group: A number of patients that I follow for a period of time to see if they develope a bleeding, this is the group that helps me to understand the bakground risk of bleeding in the refernce population


2- Group 2: containing patients who started the drug at different points of time after inclusion in the study, so some where followed for 2 weeks before starting the drug and continued to be followed up, some started at 4 weeks and continued to be followed up after starting the drug to see their risk of developing bleeding

so I am trying to find the time interval of drug introduction which results in the lowest risk of bleeding compared to the background population.

I understand this is a survival analysis of course, but could anyone please please try to help me on how to do this? maybe refer me to an article or suggest an analysis?

THank you in advance


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Re: Survival analysis

These are the resources I found useful when first working with censored data:


I believe that you need the SAS/STAT package to use the procs mentioned though.


Good luck,


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