Superscript for footnotes

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Superscript for footnotes


I need to create a superscript a,b,c for referring to footnotes.

The superscript letters are part of a format that inserts as a dataset using PROC FORMAT (proc format lib=work.formats cntlout=wformats; runSmiley Wink

The format is printed using PROC REPORT of wformats dataset.

I've tried ODS ESCAPECHAR and it didn't work.

Hex unicode works but I found unicode only for digits and specific letters and I need a,b,c,d,e,f...


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Re: Superscript for footnotes

Are you using a separate call to Proc Report to write the contents of a dataset and not using Footnote statements to create something that looks like a footnote?

What is your target output destination, HTML, RTF, PDF or something else? This is likely to affect the needed approach.

An example of what you tried with Escapechar that didn't work might help also.

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Re: Superscript for footnotes

Thanks for answering.

I think I wasn't clear before, I would like to create a superscript in the output body and not in the footnotes, this superscript will refer to the footnote.

So I'm using proc report to write the contents of a dataset that have values with the superscript.

For example, if I need to create the following output:


Duration (days)a

xxx                              n

yyy                              n

zzz                              n


a Duration is defined as...


I'm using a dataset with the following variables:

LABEL                                COUNT

Duration (days)a

xxx                                   n

yyy                                   n

zzz                                   n

I'm using RTF as an output destination

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Re: Superscript for footnotes

Does this come close, you'll need to change the file path; The default RTF style makes the row label all bold so you'll need to use a different style if you want to make a bold superscript.

ods escapechar='^';
data junk;
   label = 'Text^{super a}';

ods rtf file="D:\data\junk.rtf";

proc tabulate data=junk ;
   class label/ ;
   table label, n;
ods rtf close;

Based on stuff in

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