Suitable function e.g proc means

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Suitable function e.g proc means

I need your help.

I have 5 categorical variables say: A B C D E

·         A has two possible values say A1 AND A2 (male-female)

·         B has five possible values B1-B5 (race categories)

·         C has five possible values C1-C5( age categories)

·         D has five possible values D1-D5( Marital status)

·         E has Three possible values E1-E3(education level)

I need the different combinations of this categories in total they are 2*5*5*5*3*=750 .

The reason for this is I’m trying to get per call centre agent Total number of customers in those combinations

  1. E.g.

·         Female_White_young_Single_TetEd

·         Female_white_young_single_HighEd

·         Female_Black_young_single_TetEd

It is close to impossible to list all combinations manually without error.

If you know of a better way of getting this kindly share with me

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Re: Suitable function e.g proc means

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I think there are two ways to handle this problem:

1) using proc plan

2) using 5 for in data step

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