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Success stories

Please look through these success stories with performance management and let us know if they are what you are looking for.

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Re: Success stories

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I watched and read a few of these and see that they are very high level. I'm wondering if you could show us some examples of the KPIs, the KPI thresholds, how those KPIs were mapped to strategies, how progress of strategies can be computed and how the tool is used within the organization. I did note one thing from the examples shown which was that the data collection process, KPI identification phase and buy in generally took years. The process of implementing in SAS SM happened relatively quickly in comparison.

On a slightly different note, will there be an upgrade of the graphics and layout in the new version of SM? We have been reading a lot about good dashboard design (authors Tufte and Few, for example) and would like to be able to implement some of those recommendations (layout, use of color, limited use of dials, etc.). I'd be curious to know what developments will take place.

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