Steps of SAS multi tier application installation

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Steps of SAS multi tier application installation


I have a requirement of Installing the SAS softwares on various servers- IIS Intranet Server, Websphere Application Server,SAS Grid Control,SAS Grid Compute, Mount Server, Metadata server. One sample hardware configuration is given below:

Component  Type SAS Grid Compute
OS Linux
OS Version RHEL 5.8(Tikanga) [64-bit]
Server Type Physical
CPU Cores 8
"CPU Entitlement
Memory (GB) 95
Storage Tab - Grid Server Storage (Prod)

Apart from IIS server, all other servers have Linux as OS.

I can think of below activities:
1.Checking if the file storage system is properly setup after hardware is ready
2. Installing the right softwares on right server,
3. Setting up the communication among different servers,

Can someone please let me know similarly what other activities needs be done to make sure the installation and configuration process is complete.

Also, please let me know what subactivities will be there under activities.

Many thanks.


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Re: Steps of SAS multi tier application installation

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Your list of servers is confusing IIs is no server but service Websphere ditto.  Both are outdated with 9.4 as being replaced imbedded  with VM (fabric) replacements.

Missing al lot of other services as being part of the normal tier layouts   

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Re: Steps of SAS multi tier application installation

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I am very keen to see how you were/are getting on with your installation?

Since you are installation WebSphere, I would assume you are using SAS 9.2/9.3, correct?

There are many thinks to consider before installing SAS, one very important topic you did not menion, System Requirements. Below is a list of things to consider before installation SAS:

  • Sizing
  • Storage
  • System Requirements | Prerequisites | Compatibilty between hardware, software and integration
  • Hardware & Operating System spec
  • Performance tuning
  • Network structure, permissions, business policies, etc.
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Back & Restore of SAS platforms / Physical Servers
  • Metadata Setup (Security, Usage, etc.)
  • DR requirements
  • Audit, Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Availability
  • Access to business Test | Live data
  • Architectural design
  • Licensing
  • Policies and Procedures

The above are points that I believe should be in place before installation and configuring a multi server SAS deployment. There are many things to consider, but this is dependent on your environment - Therefore, it is always best to consult with your SAS Account Manager first.

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