Splitting a list from a row of a table

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Splitting a list from a row of a table

How do I split a specific list in a column into individual items?

Let's say I have the columns Time and Greetings, and I want to split whatever is in Greetings for Time = PM.

Assume you don't know how many items will be on the list - greetings for PM could be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5+ etc. items long

Whatever is in Greetings is being referenced by another variable i.e. For PM, list in Greetings is from &PM_items.

where &PM_items. contains "Bye", "Adios", "Goodbye", "See you" - though these items can change.




    Time                                   Greetings

     AM                     "Hello", "Hi", "Good morning"

     PM               "Bye", "Adios", "Goodbye", "See you"

     Any                               "How are you"




    Time                                   Greetings

      AM                    "Hello", "Hi", "Good morning"

     PM1                                     "Bye"

     PM2                                   "Adios"

     PM3                                 "Goodbye"

     PM4                                  "See you"

      Any                               "How are you"


/* Maybe something like my attempt at the code? */

Data want;
      Set have;
      If PM ^= ""
For i.&PM_items. to last.&PM_items. do;
next i;
Then output;
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Re: Splitting a list from a row of a table

No macros needed. 


Use COUNTW to determine the number of words. 

Use SCAN() to separate into components. 


Your logic is close:  

n_words = countw(....);

Do I=1 to n_words;

    Word = scan(....);


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