Simple Audit Trail

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Simple Audit Trail

I would like to audit existing sas programs in our organisation that are currently run as part of a batch SAS file.

These programs have various External Input files, and additional dependencies (work datasets, variables etc) that are created during each run. Is is possible to output a log file that shows for the current running program all the inputs (external files datesets etc) , and ouput files without going through each program individually and analysing?

It could be useful then to build this into a run so that each time a batch job is run a quick audit of the files that were used could be incorporated, with an error for each file that is missing or not in the required format.

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Re: Simple Audit Trail

Not sure on how you wish to use this, but maybe could the SAS code analyzer help you?

Base SAS(R) 9.3 Procedures Guide, Second Edition

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