Server Usage

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Server Usage

I am trying to find out server utilization at a directory level. Total space is 100 GB. It is allocated to two levels equally and the rest of the sub-directories share the allocated space based on the usage. I got the directories usage how much space is used. But when I sum it up at the last level it won't add up to 100GB because for some directories, users haven't created sub-folders. So I need to go back and add it to know how much is used.


Input file is attached. Raw data is residing from column A to Column C and the output which i am looking for is available from column F- Column H.


It will be great if some one assit me.

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Re: Server Usage

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Please post non-SAS data as text. Office files can be dangerous and are therefore blocked at many institutions.

And also post how you derived that data from the operating system (script code).

If you already have SAS data, post eample in a data step as described here:

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How to convert datasets to data steps
How to post code
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