Searching the permanent storage location for formats

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Searching the permanent storage location for formats

Given the following OPTIONS statement:

libname A 'SAS library reference';

libname F 'SAS library reference';

options fmtsearch = (A F.X);

What is the second location searched for formats?




D.SAS supplied formats

The answer is C.

However I feel it should be Library.formats which doesn't appear as answers at all.

What do you guys feel about?Can anyone explain it to me? Thank you so much!Usingocati

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Re: Searching the permanent storage location for formats

According to the documentation, you are correct.  I might let SAS off on a technicality, however.

Note that when you create a format, you are not permitted to use a name that SAS has already defined in its list of existing formats.  For example, this program would fail because monyy is not permitted as a name:

proc format;

  value monyy  1='Hey';


So when SAS searches for a format, it first looks to see if the format is on the list of SAS-Institute-supplied formats.  Then it follows the FMTSEARCH rules which in this case would begin with WORK.FORMATS.

At best, the question is not clear in what it asks for.

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