Search data objects by Metadata ID (DI Studio / SMC)

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Search data objects by Metadata ID (DI Studio / SMC)

So I guess I'm looking for a bit of a hack here, but there's probably a few SAS savants who can help me out. I opened up a DI Studio job and got a warning that several metadata objects were deleted outside of the job (A5xxxxxx.BUxxxxxx, of that format).


Is there any way to search for what the Name of that metadata object was?


I tried looking using Management Console, which is normally fairly comprehensive, but it doesn't seem to match any criteria I specify, or even a general search where I include any object type possible.

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Re: Search data objects by Metadata ID (DI Studio / SMC)

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Isn't the problem that the object has been deleted, and you only got the pointer (id) left?

So the name is probably gone.


Options: restore metadata to a different location, and search.

Or, if this is an "old" job, copy a working version from another environment (prod?).


And for the problem itself  it sounds like you have either to high authorization for your users (possibility to delete objects in the wrong place - use Projects repositories as much as possible), or not followed basics processes when deliberately deleting objects (always check for dependencies first!).


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