Scheduling in SAS Management Console

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Scheduling in SAS Management Console


I am trying to schedule the jobs in SAS Management console.So,I hv created two scheduling servers(One as Operating system scheduling server and the other as Platform Process Manager server).

When I am trying to schedule the flow using Operating system scheduling server,its asking for username and pwd for the scheduler server.I hv given system,user,server credentials.But it showng the error as "Unable to make connection to the scheduling server".I dont know what credentials I need to provide.

So, I tried the other one(Platform Process Manager Scheduling server) .But its again asking for credentials.I hv given all the system,user,server credentials.but its throwing the error as "No Scheduling server  is available".

Kindly advice me how to proceed further!!!!!!!!

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Re: Scheduling in SAS Management Console

If there is a SAS Administrator (or other SAS users) at your site, this might be best directed toward them.  There are a mutlitude of options in how the scheduling server can be set up.  Could be as simple as you not having the permissions needed to schedule a job.



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Re: Scheduling in SAS Management Console

Given your error it would be worthwhile checking that all of the scheduling services are running - I am assuming you are using Windows. If this is the case then on your scheduling Windows server check for these Windows services. The cluster name would be specific to your installation:

Platform cluster name LIM

·      Platform cluster name RES

·      Platform cluster name SBD

·      Process Manager

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Re: Scheduling in SAS Management Console

Thanks for your reply.....

how to check Platform process manager server is installed ?Whether this is a licensed one?

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Re: Scheduling in SAS Management Console

As suggested, the best is to get in touch with the SAS admin/installation responsible person. He/she should be able to answer or direct your question in the right direction.

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