Sas programs in secure folder

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Sas programs in secure folder


I have a group of sas programs under unix , I want to have these actions.

>> Action 1: when the user click on my folder, then  one  pop-up will open and call him to write his password.

>> Action 2: I will have a list of the users who have open my folder or click on it.

Thank you

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Re: Sas programs in secure folder

I wouldn't suggest doing it the way you are asking.  Your IT department should be the one allocating access to the folder level, or if you need something further, a more secure setup.  There are numerous things that you need to consider if you were to do it yourself.  Some examples:

What password will they enter, is it their normal one = security risk, or a new one = more hassle.

How are you going to prevent access to the folder, do you have the IT priviledges/rights to do this.

Do you have the time and resource to support this, i.e. if someone can't access something.

How to prevent backdoor access to the folder.


This is the reason companies have IT departments to handle this type of thing.

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