SSD drive and SAS processing speed

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SSD drive and SAS processing speed

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to boost SAS speed on my PC. I have a 1T 7200 hard drive (700GB free) and it take about 55 second to finish 2 loops.

Today I bough a Intel 335 SSD 240GB and after migrate files into it, it become my C: drive and has about 100GB free space. When i boot my PC, it take much less time! However when I run the same SAS procedure and it take 1:10 to finish that same 2 loops. So SSD doesn't help at all.

I go to the Resource monitor and check Disk tab. with SSD, then running SAS, on that Dish window, it shows only less than 10KB/sec compare to 1MB/sec when I run the 1T hard drive.


Good morning Everyone,

This morning, I run a heavy process and Yeah, the difference show up.

1st process takes 1:53/1:52 (real time / CPU time) vs 2:09/1:54 for old hard drive

2nd process take 6:26/3:39 vs. 15:02/4:27

The SSD takes 5:55 to reach 31GB Ram usage while the old hard drive takes 8:30 to reach that level.

One thing is that the BOTH have DISK USAGE of 1GB/sec. I wonder my SSD doesn't boost the usage indicator and is the any way to increase it.

Oh, my OS is Windows 7 Professional.

Many thanks.


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Re: SSD drive and SAS processing speed

1 MB/sec is so laughable that I think you're not really bound by the drive architecture. Even a single 7200 rpm disk should be routinely able to give you more than 10MB/sec.

What OS are you running, and what type of FS?

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Re: SSD drive and SAS processing speed


what SAS procedures are you using ? some of them rely on cpu before hard disk.

You could try adding : options fullstimer;

on top of your code in order to see "CPU time" used. (I just saw you already did report CPU time, from the excerpt you wrote it seems your CPU is the limit here not your disk througput)

Is your SAS Work also on your C drive ? what about libnames your working with, SSD also ?

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