SPDS tables not compressing

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SPDS tables not compressing

We have compress=yes on all our spds libname statements. The libraries are all pre-assigned. When I create a table in any of the libnames the data is compressed. We have users who create tables in these libraries that do not get compressed. I can't find a reason for this (track still open with SAS). I'm thinking it must be a permissions thing either with the ACL's or at an OS level but up to now can't find a solution. Help!!!

Message was edited by: Dave Wallace Thanks Patrick. You were correct, despite early denials we discovered that the users had their own autoexec being pulled in which was over riding the spds libnames with their own version which did not have compress set.

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Re: SPDS tables not compressing

To figure out whether it is OS or metadata I would have one of the users where tables don't get compressed execute a libname statement with compress=yes directly in the code (so not using a pre-assigned library definition from metadata).

This should let you decide whether it's an OS permission related issue or not.

I would also have such a "problem" user issue a "libname list" statement for one of the librefs where compression works for you but not for the user. Check if the user also picks up the library with compression turned on.

I would also check that your users are not doing something like below as this would overwrite your libname settings.

data test.test(compress=no);

  set sashelp.class;


And last but not least: I would make sure that users are not issuing their own libnames in code actually overwriting your library definitions.

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