SFTP Issue

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SFTP Issue

I am trying to upload or download a file from SFTP. The sas code that I use for the job is

options  mlogic mprint obs=max formdlim='_'  source2 noxsync noxwait source=1;

%let id=user;

%let pw=xxxxxx;

data null;

file 'F:\Batch\getDATA.bat'; * the batch file;

put "ftp -s:%0";

put "goto END";

put "open something@abcd.com"; /*Host name*/

put "&id";

put "&pw";

put 'CD "USer/Test/file"';/* FTP path*/

put "LCD C:\Users\dwnld";/* Local Destination path*/

put "GET abcd.txt";/* File name*/

put "bye";

put ":END";


for FTP. This is not working for SFTP. Can you please suggest the same using batch file for SFTP. I have tried with file name options as well. That is not working too.

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Re: SFTP Issue

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You are creating a batch file by yourself and than calling that batch-file. (not coded above)

The contents of that batchfile has nothing to do with SAS but is dedicated tool scritpting. If you know to handle anay tool you ca do this calling from SAS.

Do you want to used SAS instead of that, that is possible

SAS(R) 9.4 Statements: Reference  (filename FTP)

SAS(R) 9.4 Statements: Reference (filename sftp)

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