SAS web forms - collect data directly into SAS datasets

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SAS web forms - collect data directly into SAS datasets

I have some ideas that I wanted to implement in my team where I am leading the SAS projects.


Here is what we have now:


1) Our group has so many excel files  - all involve much of manual interventions of users adding comments, new data rows etc.

2) These files are being used by PC-SAS with some manual intervention and then the PC-SAS program process them and create a new excel file and store them in network drives for users


Solution I am thinking:


1) To avoid these manual interventions, I wanted to bring the web applications instead of users manually entering the items in excel.

2) Then the user responses should be captured into a SAS dataset directly from web apps.

3) The SAS program runs and send out the processed excel file to the Windows virtual drive directly


I have been looking for web apps that can integrate with SAS grid server. I know that HTML web forms can be easily added on the SAS stored processes (_webout), but it is getting complicated for me when I tried complex table. I am looking something simple for everyone to use in the team. The SAS skill level is really low among all others, so I will have to develop all these myself if I use the SAS stored process route.


Is there any GUI based application where we can develop Web apps and the results can go to SAS dataset directly?

I am looking like drop down, radio button, blanks etc., in the web app, so they can be captured into SAS dataset and stored.


Does SAS offer any tool like this?




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Re: SAS web forms - collect data directly into SAS datasets

Do you have SAS/IntrNet software? When you use SAS/IntrNet, you install an application on the web server that allows you to build HTML forms and then invoke the dispatcher application to process the form data and, optionally, write it to a SAS dataset.

SAS/IntrNet is not a GUI based application, however.

On the other hand, if you have the BI Platform, you could use an input parameters to collect information and then update the dataset using a stored process that picked up the parameter data and entered it into a SAS dataset.

Or, if you have SAS/AF, you can build menu driven applications that allow you to directly edit data in an existing SAS dataset. SAS/AF does have a GUI interface for designing the menu screens, but the connection between AF screens is coded using the SCL language.

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