SAS technology

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SAS technology

I am working as TM1 consultant  for last couple of years,I want to expand my skills on analytic space,When I look at the SAS forum there are quite a few of them within sas ie, programming ,base etc

I would like SAS  which complement my TM1 knowledge and expansion on that i.e. business analytic.

When I see programming it looks bit similar to TI  and I have good knowledge of SQL quries.

Please someone could provide detail information on which tool would be correct one for me.Thanks.


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Re: SAS technology

What's a TM1 consultant? or TI?

What type of role do you have and do you want to have?

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Re: SAS technology

Well,You might probably already know,CognosTM1 is budgeting and forecasting tool.As a TM1 consultant we develop budgeting and forecasting model for almost any sector from Finance to Supply chain to production planning.When I saw SAS code it look bit similar to Turbo integrator code ,it is TM1's own scripting language.I hope I made myself bit clear.

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Re: SAS technology

It sounds like that the closest SAS solution is Financial Management:

SAS Financial Management

My experience though (from the Swedish market) is that this solution is far from a hit, perhaps too complex for most customers requirements...?

As Jaap already mentioned, SAS/SQL programming is essential, as an understanding of OLAP cubes, and SAS Intelligence Platform (SAS servers, metadata etc).

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Re: SAS technology

SameerAb, TM1 is one of them many IBM tools. TM1 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  for comparison look at analyst reports  When looking at SAS coming from IBM see SAS as a company like IBM with a lot of tools. All products: Products & Solutions A-Z | SAS

This list is difficult to understands not knowing SAS. You will find solutions bundled tools and dedicated tools (add-ons).

It look to me something as not like a predefined SAS-solution but more a dedicated BI approach as they are comparing it to SAS-VA.

That is what you are telling also as TM1 consultant develop a budget/forecasting model, that is you are developing.

That VA approach is quite different:

- no code programming anymore all (most) is done visual web-based.

- no Olap/datamart building anymore as the cubes are solved with in memory processing it is generated on the fly.

- Centralized metadata management  IBM has INFosphere for that.

- options for classic coding statistics and mining IBM has tools bought form Cognos  and SPSS for that.

There is one product of IBM used with SAS, that is LSF. That is playin a role with gridcomputing loadblancing scheduling jobs. 

Of course you could focus on SAS datastep programming en SAS procedures as new area. That is classic old SAS style usage. 

I am assuming you are interested in the newer SAS products as they are the area where you are active now.        

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