SAS shell script overhead

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SAS shell script overhead

Hi - we have a handful of batch processes that requires clean-up i.e. deleting of files, etc. It requires SAS to run shell script. The question is what is the overhead, is it negligible? Alternatively, we can have one single 'clean up' process to do the deleting.

Any suggestion?

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Re: SAS shell script overhead

Using SAS to delete etc external files is overkill unless the list of files changes from instance to instance and they are not all in the same directory. Use the system utilities instead.  If you do need to dynamically select files fro processing investigate the SCL functions like fdelete().  You should only need one SAS session to do your cleanup, if you use SAS.  If they are SAS tables then Proc Datasets is the best way to handle SAS table manipulations, but you can also use Proc SQL to drop tables.

Perhaps you need to tell us more about your environment and requirements.


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Re: SAS shell script overhead

What overhead are you talking about?

For SAS to execute a shell script there is trivial overhead as it just forks another process.

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