SAS programming- Beginner

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SAS programming- Beginner

Hi All,


I am a clinical research professional and highly interested to get into SAS programming. Any suggestions or tips to learn quick & easy? is it worth learning SAS programming from scratch?! deviating from clinical trials field? Thanks.  



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Re: SAS programming- Beginner

Check if your available hardware/system can run SAS University Edition. If yes, download and install it, and complete the available courses.

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Re: SAS programming- Beginner

There is the SAS learning center to help learn SAS:

And videos at:


To answer your question of whether it is worth learning it, we can't answer that as its really a personal situation, will you ever use SAS?  Me I get interested in lots of things, however I don't have the time to put effort into all of it so have to be focused on what I actually need at that time.

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