SAS opening files with .log extensions

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SAS opening files with .log extensions


Can SAS open files with .log extensions using infile OR do i have to convert it to .txt (or .csv)?

Thanks, John

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Re: SAS opening files with .log extensions

SAS log files are pretty much plain text so treat them as such. The extension doesn't matter.

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Re: SAS opening files with .log extensions

I assume you're asking this question because you want to automatically scan SAS logs for certain messages. As states SAS logs are text files so it's easy to read them. It can be more challenging though to parse the log and extract the information you're after.

There is quite a lot of information in SAS Notes and Whitepapers around dealing with information retrieval from SAS logs and I suggest that you invest some kind in researching what's already around before starting to spend too much time with coding.

Below only 2 links which might be useful for you:

34301 - Parse SAS® Logs to Extract Performance and Timing Information

Base SAS(R) 9.3 Procedures Guide, Second Edition

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Re: SAS opening files with .log extensions

thank you - both response were helpful

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