SAS on mobile devices

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SAS on mobile devices


I am the SAS site representative at a large urban hospital.  Our SAS deployment is small and rather unsophisticated at the moment.  My boss, who is a physician, likes to run SAS programs on his laptop at meetings to answer specific questions that come up.  He has all the information he needs in SAS datasets on the local drive and sometimes writes small programs in real time at the meetings.  (He is an excellent SAS programmer.)

His laptop is getting old and needs replacement soon.  Should we be considering other devices such as tablet computers instead of having him bring his trusty old laptop to meetings?  Is there a special version of SAS for mobile devices?  The data he uses is about 100MB in size so that should not be much of a problem, but he does need the capability to both write and run small custom SAS programs on the fly. 

I was thinking it might make sense for him to have a desktop computer with a mobile device synched to it somehow.  I am open to all options to find out what works best. 

I am very curious in general about using SAS with new technologies at our hospital, but right now we do things in a  pretty plain vanilla way. 

Thanks for reading, and I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions.   

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Re: SAS on mobile devices

On which hardware you can run SAS depends more on the OS installed on the hardware. Here the list of the SAS supported OS:

There is a SAS Client for Mobile devices Mobile Business Intelligence Analytics | Immersive Roambi ES4 but considering your boss writing his own code during meetings this is possibly not what you're looking for.

I've seen people using SAS on an IPAD by using remote desktop software and connecting via VPN. Great if there is somewhere a PC or Server always running and a wireless network available.

You could also install SAS on a Mac Airbook which would give you some of the advantages of a tablet. I know a company which went down this path and people are happy with it.

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Re: SAS on mobile devices


Thanks very much for the feedback.

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