SAS dataset loading into sql server

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SAS dataset loading into sql server

Hi Everyone,

Just trying to load a SAS dataset (half a mil observations with 10 variables) into sql server but it takes a lot of time. I don't have any problem while loading sql server table into SAS using odbc. But when I am trying to reload SAS dataset into sql server after some processing, this is taking a lot of time. I am hoping an expert solution from the forum please.


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Re: SAS dataset loading into sql server

Perhaps you have an asymmetrical network conntection that means that you can download data much faster than you can upload it? This is very common.

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Re: SAS dataset loading into sql server

Loading a SAS table is usually fast, and in comparison with most standard RDBMS, it's much faster.

But there are ways to trim this.

On the SQL Server side, you may need to discuss with the DBA on how to optimize the database/table for loading in bulk. Clustered indexes and stuff like that can slow processing down.

From SAS, you can set some libname/data set options to enhance performance. Take a look at BULKLOAD, INSERTBUFF and DBCOMMIT options as a start.

You can also search, since SAS/ACCESS performance is a common topic.

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