SAS data collection method via Web app

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SAS data collection method via Web app

We have many manual excel entry from multiple users about their daily schedule and other info (10+ rows of daily data from each user). The current method is very manual and involves excel file with 100+ sheets (1 sheet for each user or so) and several VBA modules for data cleaning. The clean data sheet is read by PC-SAS and some kind of scorecard report is being created out of this for incentive purposes. Almost 50 hours a month spent on this task. 


I suggested that we could use Web app (typing, drop down selection, radio button etc.) to collect data from users. Once the data entered, the data can go to either SQL server or teradata or even SAS grid datasets directly (we own space in all). 


Once we have data in any DW, it would be a piece of cake to clean the data and produce any kind of reports. However, I am stuck at the first step of creating web app. I am not sure what tool to use. I wanted to try the SAS stored process, WebDAV etc., but it involves multiple setup and web programming, those I tried didn't work well. 


Is there any easy way to create this front end web app or any other ways this could be accomplished other than web app?

I know there is some kind of SAS studio where you could drag and drop to create Java applications, but that studio is not available for us. Please suggest anything that is easier to develop in a week or less. 


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Re: SAS data collection method via Web app

If collecting the data as a form, with drop down selections, radio buttons and the like, you could build that directly in Excel or, even easier, create it using Google Docs. Using the latter, you would get the benefit of being able to create and modify your own forms, and download the data instantly in either an Excel or CSV format. I'd use a CSV format, myself, and do any other necessary data cleaning directly in SAS.



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Re: SAS data collection method via Web app

Thanks for the idea Art. I want to completely automate and take these to the centralized environment - SAS grid servers than the local PC residing in some employee's computer. The only manual part would be users entering info. If the team member is on leave, or his/her computer is off, then we have issues. Also, anything siloed into one person is not a good idea for our team.



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