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SAS code


the image is not very clear.

My question is :

I am creating a stamp parameter so every time I run the same code it records the date when I ran the dataset. so I can compare if there is a difference between the datasets in due time if any....

when I pass the parameter for stamp variable(01_14_15) I have the 01 in green????

does that mean  there any mistake in usage?? why m I getting it in green????

other than that the dataset runs fine...

Please help me understand



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Re: SAS code

I don't think that is a problem. sometime SAS recognize keyword , sometime it don't . E.X why the keyword attrib would be red ,even it is right statement .


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Re: SAS code


When type a period(.) after a text anywhere in a sas program you would usually notice that going green because SAS assumes you are either using an Informat or a Format. Yes, your syntax is the issue i guess. You do not need a delimiter(.)period after macro variable reference &stamp.

Remove the dot in the data statement after &stamp, the green should disappear.

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Re: SAS code

It is an enhanced editor appearance option, most likely the Numeric Constant. setting in your current editor scheme.

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Re: SAS code

Hi ,

Thanks for all the responses and help.

I am assuming that that is not a mistake in the code or syntax!!!!

Thank you

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Re: SAS code

SAS sees digits at the start of a new word and therefore implies this to be a numeric constant, which is displayed in green in the enhanced editor. Nothing to worry about.

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