SAS Scheduler(LSF) related issue.

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SAS Scheduler(LSF) related issue.

Hi Everyone,

I am seeking for assistance in SAS Scheduler(LSF) related issue.

I am working on SAS tool called SAS FLOW MANAGER I have job flow with around 20 SAS jobs. System of flow has been design in manner like Job  from 1 to 20 , any of the job fails with

“less than or equal to 1” then continue submitting next job(Default SAS Scheduler design) . Some of instances I had where in SAS Scheduler didn’t submit the job even after previous job status of 1.

It’s like problem with Scheduler. It happens sometimes but not regularly. In that condition I had to run rest of jobs manually which is not the correct solution as I have many jobs left to run and it’s time consuming as well.

Any solution for this issues, how can it be implement on SAS Tool ?

Many thanks for spending your valuable time on this email and helping me.

Best regards,


# Investigation :-

This is a basic memory issue with lsf. The load on the server is such during the run that is tends to forget the status and the flow hangs up.

# Solution :-   ?

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Re: SAS Scheduler(LSF) related issue.

If you suspect a memory problem for the LSF product, I suggest that you open a track with SAS tech support.

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Re: SAS Scheduler(LSF) related issue.

Can we do somthing like increase memory or just introduce another job as checker and ensure wether all jobs are completed else just submit the left one ?

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Re: SAS Scheduler(LSF) related issue.

LSF itself is highly unlikely to be the source of the issue itself.  LSF can implement memory restrictions on jobs that are run through it, it is a configurable option.  In a small installation of LSF over a network of servers you could have hundreds or thousands of jobs in various states of running/pending/etc... without any problem, so 20 jobs would not be difficult to manage.  It may be a problem with the way you are scheduling the execution conditions for the successive jobs.  Seems like to first place I would check in a situation as you describe.  Creating an additional process that watches the process flow seems like a good idea, but also sort of defeats the purpose of the scheduler in the first place...

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