SAS SPDE engine metadata failure

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SAS SPDE engine metadata failure

Hello Eveyone,

we have implemented SAS SPDE sever( dividing the datapath and index path into E and F drives, Meta data into Primary path E) for some of the scheduled jobs for performance improvement( Since Datsets are huge in sizes)

We recently came across an issue for which spending lot of time but couldnt help !.

The issue arising when new data added to the Base table using PROC APPEND.

Following is the error message displays in the log file:

NOTE: Appending WORK.OPENS to Master.OPENS

NOTE: There were 97 observations read from the data set


NOTE: 97 observations added.

NOTE: The data set APSIS.OPENS_INVALID_LANDKOD has 7176598 observations and 14


ERROR: The handle is invalid.

ERROR: dareadp: Read failed:


       Reason=Disk read failed on specified operation errno=-2134906859

ERROR: dauprev: DAFDREVISE on DPF component failed:

       Member=OPENS Reason=Disk read failed on specified


ERROR: dafrfcb: Revision update failed on opens: Reason=Disk

       read failed on specified operation

SO from the error message it is understood that there is a probolem with the metadata. Disk is failed to read metadata file while appending and throwing error like handle name is invalid.

But I have no clue what is the exact reason behind it and what are the steps to follow to resolve it. We already restarted the metadata server through management console and still the problem persists.

Help on this would be Greatly appreciated. I look forward to hear from you all.

Thank you so much in Advance !!!

Sridhar Sripada

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Re: SAS SPDE engine metadata failure

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THe metadata file has "nothing" to do with the metadata in the metadata server, the terminology might be a bit confusing...

So this sounds more like a physical problem.

What OS do you use?

What is your partsize setting? (which leads to the question how many dpf-files you have for that table).

Make sure that you don't have any out of memory issue (RAM and disk, including saswork) during the operation.

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Re: SAS SPDE engine metadata failure

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Have your admin run an extended check on the disk(s) in question, ASAP. You may be experiencing a creeping death of one of your disks. If that returns no problems, run a repair on the file system.

In UNIX, I'd unmount the file system and do a fsck, after making sure I don't have some kind of disk full condition.

Also check for the existence and size of J:\SASdata\MASTER\Meta1\opens.mdf.0.0.0.spds9

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