SAS SPD Datasets Migration

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SAS SPD Datasets Migration



One of our projects running in SAS is getting migrated fromUNIX 7.1 to Linux. The entire data is in SPD datasets.  I think these datasets can not be migrated as other sas datasets or catalogs.  


What are the available ways in which this can be acheived.




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Re: SAS SPD Datasets Migration

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Hi @vijayanand,


The one time I had this task at hand I used SAS/Connect to pump the data from one environment to the other. Proc download takes care of all translations that are needed, including index creation.


Performance may be a challenge if you have really large tables (which you probably do). To address that I used the programming technique called MPConnect (some good examples in this forum and the SAS Knowledge Base) to create multiple parallel download stream so I could download multiple tables in one go. And some of the larger tables were transferred in parallel chunks based on timestamp ranges. This was especially beneficial as it turned out that a single download would not saturate our network connection. So performance scaled up nicely.


Hope this helps,

-- Jan.

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Re: SAS SPD Datasets Migration

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Alternatively, use proc cport, sftp, and proc cimport.

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