SAS SCL: Cursor icon remains busy

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SAS SCL: Cursor icon remains busy


I'm facing a issue in SAS SCL programming.

I have an SCL program (without Frame) to validate a scenerio and pop up Error message box with Yes and No buttons. When user clicks "No", I need to terminate the application.

I use "Submit terminate; <some statements> endsubmit;" to terminate the application.

The issue I'm facing is the cursor remains busy icon for ever. When user clicks anywhere outside the active editor window, the cursor becomes normal icon.

I hope there would not be any issue with the messagebox statement or the statements of Submit terminate.

Please let me know If there could be any possibile of root cause for this issue.

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Re: SAS SCL: Cursor icon remains busy

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SAS(R) Component Language 9.3: Reference (submit terminate) is documented to be used with caution.
SAS(R) Component Language 9.3: Reference (error handeling) is quite an other concept.

SAS(R) Component Language 9.3: Reference (stop) is the normal way to halt your AF program

The init main term sections have special meanings with AF (SCL).  

When you  give the terminate action running SAS statements (outside AF) there can be a problem AF wants to continue wiht the next (term) section.
By that you will see a hanging or even looping system.
I have seen this kind of errors with AF Macro-language and SAS/connect. As timing and event-triggering are that important it is very difficult to pinpoint and explain the issue/error.
More easy is to bypass it with a more reliable logical construct.

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